Our Vide®-branded suction product line-up includes a portable lightweight high-vacuum suction pump ideal for ambulatory and emergency purposes, a host of suction liners and related products that can cope with a variety of suction needs at home or hospital, and a wide range of suction accessories to cater to the most demanding operations.  Each product is built with safety and usability in mind, as we strive to provide the maximum quality and ergonomic value to our clinical users.

Portable Suction Pump

Compact, lightweight, and durable - our Vide® portable electric suction pump comes with a 16LPM flow rate pump providing up to 600mmHg (80kPa) of vacuum. It is ideal for emergency or ENT aspirations. Different power options (AC or AC/DC) are available, as are canister options (reusuable, single-use).  Each suction pump is provided with a high-quality EVA carrying case. Learn more!

Suction Liners

Our distinguished Vide® suction liners come in different sizes and bag options. Each liners type was designed to with stand a 1m drop and 50kg pressure test - as accidents do happen. Our newest design-patented bag liners are color-coded to provide instant identification of bag volumes.  Each liner is equipped with anti-reflux vale at the patient port and a high efficiency filter at vacuum end to provide maximum safety.  Pre-gelled liner option is available for those who require solidifiers but prefer immediate installation during usage.  Learn more!

Rigid Series

Made of tough Polycarbonate, our rigid suction canisters serve users at home or out-clinics settings. Different size and connections (eg DISS) are available. Ideal for ENT suction or wound drainage. Disposal of the rigid suction canisters are easy - as the cup and top are interlocked and do not come apart after installation.  Learn more!


Whether it is a roller stand, a connection tube, or a wall plate, we provide all the accessories users need to install our suction system. Special application accessories, such as critical measurement cup or tissue collectors are also readily available to complement our suction liners.  We also provide bespoke manufacturing capabilities revolving our suction product lines. Learn more!