From sharp safety products to specimen receptables, Maxson® Hospital and Lab Supplies combine user and international standards requirements to provide quality and cost-effective disposable hospital collectors for various usages. Each product is made from high-quality plastic and by our validated manufacturing processes.  

Sharps Containers

Occupational Safety is important for us, and clinical practioners should not be exposed to unncessary risks. Ranging from small needles to surgical sharps instruments collections, all of our Sharps Containers products conform to major international safety standards minimizing the chance of accidental sharps injury.  Each has a temporary and a permanent locking mechanism, and made of puncture resistant materials.  Each product has a label with clear fill line and installation procedure on it.  Learn more!

Specimen Collectors

Maxson® Specimen Collectors, with leak-resistant design, are offered in capacities from 22ml to 125ml with different opening sizes (Narrow-Mouth to Wide-Mouth).  All are ideally suited for multipurpose sample collection. Tailor-made label and packaging services are available to satisfy specific customer needs.  Learn more!

Lab Disposables

Convenient, durable and economical enough to discard after single use. User friendly designs also make them applicable for use in various medical and laboratory fields.  Learn more!

Enteral Feeding

Our enteral feeding bag is DEHP and Latex-free.  It comes with 600ml and 1200ml sizes with clear graduation at the front.  Special-designed connectors ensure it is compatible to all accepted feeding tubes in the market.  Different sizes of oral syringes are also available.  Learn more!

Disposable PPE

Disposable PPE is crucial to the safety of health practitioners. We offer a range of comfortable PPE products that are popular among users, including full face shields and color-framed eye shields.  Learn more!


Our unique "Clover Brush" pap smear device has been proven to improve cell collection size and penetration. In one single turn, cells from different zones of the cervix can be collected with ease.  Learn more!


Our Uriwell and Uritravel products are unique solutions to an underserved areas - when urinary catheters are not necessary but patients are still relatively bed-ridden.  Designed as disposable devices, these products allow for safe and clean discharge of urine, even during inconvenient situations.  Learn more!