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Clean Room Assembly

Class 100K injection machines is available together with assembly lines. Class 10K clean room production lines are also available upon request.

Plastic Molding

One of the strongest fortes of Alleva Medical is our range of plastic molding machines. Our top-of-the-line machines include: High Precision Injection (20-1300 ton), Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) injection, Blow Molding (2cm to 1500 cm), Vacuum Forming, PVC/Silicone/EPS Extrusion, In-Mold Labeling and Double Injection.

Metal Fabrication

Our metal divisions are skilled in metal stamping, wielding and roll forms. We also house automatic lathes machine for precision parts.


We are one of the leaders in optical products. Our expertise in glass and plastic optical items spans from tooling to mass production. We have an in-house lineup of grinding, polishing and coating machines for clients looking for manufacturing of biomedical optics.

Electronics Assembly

Besides SMT, IC bonding, automatic optical inspection system and PCB assembly, we have capabilities in advance IR / RF/ RC System, BGA, Bluetooth, GPS and wireless LAN. All is available under a controlled environment and comply with international quality standards.

Finishing: The Trend Setter

Product outlook is as vital as functionality in today’s ultracompetitive market, and our finishing techniques can help your product to be the trend setter in the market. Our in-house decoration capabilities consist of: In-Mold Labeling, Automatic Electrostatic Powder Spraying, Metallic/Hand Spraying, Silk/Pad/Rotation Stamp Printing, 2-Shot Injection, Over-Molding, and Ultrasound Welding.

ODM / OEM Product and Services

Alleva Medical provides full contract manufacturing for the medical devices and pharmaceutical industries. Our distinguishing vertically-integrated operation means:

 • We can offer valuable inputs to our clients throughout the product development lifecycle, and 
 • We can exercise greater control over the quality and timeliness of our projects

Capabilities include: 

product development, rapid prototyping, tooling, CNC Machining, injection molding, blow molding, extrusion, vacuum forming, metal stamping, electronics, complete device assembly, welding, and packaging.

With production facilities spanning 1.5 million square feet and a 2000-person strong workforce, Alleva Medical boosts a comprehensive range of manufacturing capabilities that are ideal for a contract manufacturing partner.

Bring us your ideas. With over 25 years of experience and a focus on customer service, we can provide collaborative support for your projects from start to finish.

Alleva Medical has always treated Intellectual Property with a great amount of care and caution. Your ideas will remain to be yours. Our interest is to help our clients realize their products and we have gained trust from our current clients with the way we handle intellectual property.Selected Clinical Areas where We Have Served as an ODM / OEM Partner:

 • Anesthesiology and Intubation
 • Pharmaceutical Packaging
 • Neonatal Feeding (Pumps and Devices)
 • Dental Implantation
 • Compression/cold therapy

Your Ultimate ODM Partner: We also provide advisory on getting the product through regulatory hurdle! Just contact us

Turnkey Management

We turn ideas to solutions by providing vertically integrated manufacturing services. This is achieved by Total Project Management with a single point of contact and full support from our Engineering team. Our in-house project management software identifies and tracks project milestones…

Product Design & Prototyping

We use Solid Works, Pro-E and Autocad for research and development and design engineering. From product design to 3D rendering, the mechanical drawing is transformed into prototype in-house. We provide next week prototypes and urgent quotation to minimize the decision making process. We focus on upstream collaborative design with customers at an early stage.

Tooling Development & Qualification

Mold qualification with computer measuring machine and statistical software is vital for controlling the critical dimensions. With technical drawings, test shots to mass production can be complete in as short as 3 months.

Software Engineering & Validation

In-house electronic engineers has the ability to program, optimize PCB layout as well as integrating the whole user interface in both operational and software mode. With Raw files, prototype turnaround time can be complete in 2 weeks

Test Method Development

We develop circuit test, automatic test station, final testing station as well as automatic batch tracking system to ensure the in-line mass production will be defect free. Our focus is on upstream management from the supply chain – products are tested and processes are verified in each successive step along production rather than at the final stage only.

Sterilization Services Management

UV, Gamma and EO sterilization services are available.